Posted on Aug 15, 2019

Hula Networks

The Evolutionary Success Path with Hula Networks

We work in conjunction with our trusted OEM partners as ambassadors of solutions to our customers providing the right technology, at the right price point, with a vision of making our customers overall operations a success. Hula gets customers in the driver’s seat for the latest, greatest and best of breed technologies with a realistic and easy entry growth path. Video:

We assist in this unique OEM partnership process from customer initial concept to a success viable operating enterprise. Whether in startup phase, legacy technology that needs to be transitioned out, or just need to start an IT project conservatively keeping costs and scalability in mind.

With our knowledgeable staff and certified engineers, we can position the correct technology with a strategic plan in mind to not only to upgrade technology as needs change but BUY BACK the gear you replaced! Hula's extensive buyback program is focused on total cost of ownership, providing its customer with the best ROI on their decommissioned legacy IT equipment. Hula Networks will apply the value of legacy IT hardware toward the purchase of new IT Equipment or as cash out purchase providing for funds to your IT budgets.

Join the Revolution and evolve to success with Hula. Call US today @ 866-HULANET or
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